DSD - Direct Store Delivery

To organize product distribution and ensure constant availability of your products in retail outlets by means of direct sales a field team of sales representatives will be at your disposal. If required they can also perform basic merchandising during their visits.

Our agency can play a role of full-fledged distributor assuming absolute all functions of organization of sales and logistic systems, including warehousing, transportation, delivery planning, credit and payment system, order collection and product sale to outlets, reporting system. Based on our experience we can also recommend and select distributors working in the market and organize sales system through them.

  • Fast establishing of distribution and direct retail control
  • Constant availability of required stock of goods
  • You will free yourself from risks connected with accounts receivable
  • All paperwork is the agency’s responsibility
  • We can organize sales system from scratch: you only produce goods and everything else lies on us
  • You will increase sales

How does it work:
  • We define tasks for the agency an geography of coverage
  • We choose selling methods
  • We organize logistics or select distributors and hold negotiations with them
  • We specify field structure
  • We set sales targets and define other criteria of success
  • We additionally train personnel in the sphere of client’s products
  • We prepare all documents required for work
  • The team works on routes and implements the set tasks
  • We regularly collect and process information on visits
  • We provide the required summarized and detailed reports in convenient format
  • We hold regular meetings with you to discuss achieved results and further actions

Cost ...

The cost of services depends on the following factors:

  • Geography of coverage and number of outlets to be visited
  • Visit frequency
  • Price and size of a sales unit
  • Sales procedure: orders are collected by a team on foot with further delivery of goods by truck or direct sales from vehicle.
  • Credit policy

Please contact us for prior cost estimation.

+380 (44) 362 24 74 / info@accel.com.ua

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