POS materials service

We provide complete range of services in work with temporary and permanent advertising materials in retail outlets assuming responsibility of absolutely all processes: idea concepts, planning, production of materials, their testing, storing and delivery, placement and replacement, maintenance of POS materials database. You set an objective and receive a result within an agreed timeframe – everything else is left on us.

  • Single centre of POS materials management
  • Customers’ attention is attracted to your products and promotional offers and your product recognition is increased
  • You receive effective and functional materials different from those used by your competitors
  • You always know where and how many POS materials are placed
  • You save money since thanks to efficient planning you do not produce excessive, inconvenient, unnecessary materials
  • You get information about new technologies in POS materials
  • You increase sales

How does it work:
  • We define tasks, geography of coverage, types of outlets and target audience
  • We work on concept
  • We propose and discuss several design options
  • We plan the amount of materials required
  • We produce samples, choose the best variant and test it
  • We produce a batch of materials
  • We deliver materials to towns and cities, place them in retail outlets and store additional stock
  • We ensure visibility of materials in outlets, replacement of outdated materials, repair of equipment
  • We maintain a database of where and how much materials are placed and provide reports

Cost ...

The cost of the service provided depends on the following factors:

  • quantity, type and cost of materials produced
  • urgency of orders
  • quantity and geography of retail outlets
  • availability of service: logistics, repair, database

The cost of management of all processes in work with POS materials will amount to UAH 12,500 (excl. VAT) per month.

Check the completed projects

+380 (44) 362 24 74 / info@accel.com.ua

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