Our projects : Retail Audit and Census

Retail outlets census


  • Gather retail outlets database in the specified territory, where the clients product category is sold
  • Suggest a set of criteria for data collection
  • Implement the project within tight deadlines 1.5 month from target setting to receipt of reports
  • Study the trends of market growth and competitive environment

Project scope

  • 120 cities
  • Over 100 parameters


  • The clients strategy was analyzed and a series of parameters was offered, which were to be added into the questionnaire of the outlets census
  • Questionnaire and mechanism of gathering required information was developed
  • Census by a scorched earth method was conducted
  • The client received the database of all retail outlets in a specified territory in electronic way and in the format, allowing easy generation of consolidated reports for different indices
  • System of weekly update of retail outlets database by all parameters was developed and introduced
  • Data was analyzed and report was drawn up on trends of market growth and competitive environment

*In project descriptions actual data are used. For moral considerations we do not specify our partners for whom the project was implemented.

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